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Unable to login

I have a really strange problem and I just don’t know where to start to try to figure this out.

The issue is that user can’t log in from their local machines. The login screen loads, and after entering the correct credentials the screen refreshes and the user is back to the login screen. Nothing in the logs, and nothing in the console.

The login works fine on the server. The login also works for users that are connected to the local domain (the same local domain that the server is running on). The users that are experiencing issues are the once using Asure AD login. I am sure it has to do with this but I don’t have a clue to why.

The login for Pawtucket works just fine from all computers.

The only hint of the problem is that the users get this error message on the login page when they log in on the top of the login screen:

PHP Warning: setcookie() expects parameter 3 to be integer, float given in
D:\xampp\htdocs\admin\app\lib\core\Controller\Request\Session.php on line 93

Is this an issue with Cookies? Or are there ports that need to be opened on the network that are closed? Any help from the CA Devs on how the login procedure is supposed to work would be much appreciated.

The system is running on a Windows server.


  • You're authenticating against ActiveDirectory?

  • No, I only use the built in CA username/password no AD is involved.

  • I found the issue. It was with the generation of the coockie in Sessions.php on line 96

    if (!caIsRunFromCLI()) { setcookie($this->name, $_COOKIE[$this->name] = $vs_session_id = caGenerateGUID(), $this->lifetime ? time() + $this->lifetime : null, $vs_cookiepath); }

    This was the part that threw an error:
    $this->lifetime ? time() + $this->lifetime : null
    This triggered the original error

    If i changed it to staticly add 30 days to the coockie:
    time() + (86400 * 30)

    The login procedure works just fine


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