Recommendations for non archivist noobie

absolutely brand spanking noob here. I have network admin experience but never managed a collection before. My mother was an artist and gallery director for 40 years. The family is trying to document and organize her collection of probably... 3000 works (a guess). Basically we want to easily find by media (oil, watercolor, pastel etc.), location if known photos, ownership, year completed assessed value, and some freeform notes as well as a reference number of some sort. The goal is to create a private database and to publish much of it through Pawtucket as well. I have a test Providence server up and running. Looking for an installation profile recommendation for a smallish private collection like this. I am tech support plus we have a couple of trained artists in the family assisting. Point me to where someone like me with tech experience but no archival experience can find these answers. Most helpful would be to be able to communicate back and forth with someone in a similar position in terms of no previous archival/library experience who is now a CA user. Many thanks.

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