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Can't create new items during Media Import

I can successfully import media to existing Item Objects, but I am trying to create new ones. I am trying to upload a single 222kb image and have used seemingly all combinations of options in the upload dialog box (matching, types, etc.) as well as folder structures, but I either get 'Item is not a valid type for a top-level record' or the attached image where the import just seems to stall forever (minutes go by and nothing happens).

The latter with the lack of error message would seem to suggest that it has successfully matched, but the import just... does nothing.

I have already read a variety of Discussions including:

but they don't seem to solve my issue. Can anybody please assist? Thank you.


  • Nudge. Anyone?

  • Hi everyone. I've made some progress, but still can't get it to work. I did this:

    1) In app.conf, ca_objects_enforce_strict_type_hierarchy = 0 - this allowed me to create new items
    2) Added them to a Set. So now I have a new Set with 2 new Items in them with correct Media Representations.
    3) I now need to move these to a hierarcy area, but can't see how I can do this with Batch Editor or Relationship during Media Import

    I feel like I'm almost there, but can someone please help with step 3?

    Thank you to anyone!

  • In Preferences > Batch Editing, it says I should see the 'Standard Object Editor' which should include the 'Object Hierarchy Navigation' (which then I could use to batch move the objects) but it's not there:

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