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Welcome to the CollectiveAccess support forum! Here the developers and community answer questions related to use of the software. Please include the following information in every new issue posted here:

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  2. If the issue pertains to Providence, Pawtucket or both

  3. What steps you’ve taken to try to resolve the issue

  4. Screenshots demonstrating the issue

  5. The relevant sections of your installation profile or configuration including the codes and settings defined for your local elements.

If your question pertains to data import or export, please also include:

  1. Data sample

  2. Your mapping

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Where should I put the “profile” data?

edited October 2019 in Pawtucket

The help text on Pawtucket's acess control states that you should add some XML to the “profile”
Where is that exactly? What file or place should I add this?

The help text directly:

Type-level Access Control
To use type-level access control set the following in Providence's /app/conf/app.conf:


Type-level access control


perform_type_access_checking = 1

if set to zero type-level control will be disabled

default_type_access_level = CA_BUNDLE_ACCESS_EDIT
Once this checking is enabled specific record types, such as certain object_types, can be set as "No Access" "Read-only access" or "Read/edit access" for different access roles in Providence. To alter the settings navigate to Manage > Access control > Access roles > Types.

    In the profile, use the following syntax:
    >    <role code="intern">
    >       <name>Intern</name>
    >       <description>Access control actions defined for Interns</description>
    >       <actions/>
    >       <bundleLevelAccessControl/l>
    >       <typeLevelAccessControl>
    >         <permission table="ca_objects" type="image" access="read"/>
    >         <permission table="ca_objects" type="book" access="edit"/>
    >         <permission table="ca_objects" type="document" access="none"/>
    >       </typeLevelAccessControl>
    >       <sourceLevelAccessControl/>
    >    </role>


  • Is the profile reffering to the installation Profile? Is this not possible to change on a live system?

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