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Exporting related data (from multiple CA tables)

edited October 2019 in Troubleshooting


I'm trying to export data from a CA instance (v.1.6.3) that I will later try to import into another one.
In order to try to understand the import / export process I started with the export of storage locations.
Based on the CA (documentation) I created a mapping (attached) for trying to export storage location data to CSV.
When trying to export the storage locations from the "old" CA instance using the mapping I created I get the following behavior:

  • I am able to export some fields from the ca_storage_locations table (idno, idno_sort, status, deleted)
  • I am not able to export the location_id and parent_id fields (a column is placed in the exported CSV, but those fields are blank).
  • In the case of type_id, exported data is not the integer displayed on the database, but the type of location itself (building, room, etc) depicted (from my understanding) in table ca_list_items.
  • I am also not able to export the preferred labels for a given location which, from my understanding, are in table ca_storage_location_labels as I could not find a setting (to use in the mapping Options column) for filtering data in based on the location_id from the entry on the ca_storage_locations table.

    So my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to export data from multiple tables using a mappig? If so, could You please advise on how to do it? A basic example would be much appreciated.
  2. From what I have read, sometimes it is stated that export/import is performed based on metadata elements. Do these metadata elements have a direct correspondence to columns in a table? If not where can I find a list of the metadata elements available for export? Are these only the ones available when creating a display?



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