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Some object browse facet (entities) count are incorrect only showing one(1)

Hi! Running 1.7.8. In Pawtucket2 the Browse facet displays the wrong number of items for some (not all) of the entities. There are over 100 objects but a (1) is displayed. For other Entities it works just fine. Where should I start to investigate this issue?


  • edited October 2019

    I think i know what the problem is but i dont know how to fix it. I have added my custom relationships to the hierarchy. Its these newly added ones that are not counted in the Brows facet display. Where do i "add" them so that they are couted in the total?

  • The same behavior seems to be present in the main providence website. I get the correct number for the "original" relationship types but for my new type its showing (1). This does not affect all objects just some, it seems to be the once that hav 100+ objects associated to them.

  • With even more experimentation the "bug" seems only to happen if a person has 2 or more relationship types in the searched objects. Ex: I had a person that was marked as a creator in 1 object and participant in 164 objects but the filter only showed the 1. When I deleted the “creator” relationship then the list showed the correct number 164. It seems that the list view counter only displays number of objects based on the first relationship type it finds not all of the different types. I can try to fix this but I need to know where this calculation is done.

  • edited December 2019

    from CA in gitter chat:

    With regards to browse counts, there are problems with those in various edge cases because they're generated through a variety of convoluted sql queries
    A number of cases are fixed in github develop branch. When we finally manage to complete the new browse engine all of this will be done differently...

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