Cerating a new "ENTITIE" Person serch index does not uppdate.

I have an issue in 1.7.8. When i create a new "ENTITIE" Person the serch index does not uppdate. I need to run "caUtils rebuild-search-index -t ca_entities" to get it to work. Any one else that has the same issue? How can i troubleshoot this?


  • So i figured out what the issue was/is. It seems hat the search_indexing_queue.lock file was not automaticly deleated, and this made the ca_search_indexing_queue table grow without processing any of the rows. When i deleated the .lock file the table started to process just fine. It seems that the .lock file is getting stuck when the Appache server reboots. Unfortunately this happens quite often in my system, i'm still trying to identify why i get these appache reboots. Any ide on why CA crasheshes the appache server are welcome.

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