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breadcrumbs / navigation bar - hierarchy navigation front end pawtucket 2


I have a client who has to upload a lot of documents on the CA site. Is there a way to show the breadcrumbs or go up/down through the child/root project/containers/sections on the front end site so people know exactly where they are and they can go back and forth withouth clicking back on the browser?


  • I also have this question. Does anyone have a way for breadcrubms to appears in Pawtucket2 so that it shows the object hierarchy?

  • edited May 15

    You can use a display template to show the object hierarchy like this:
    {{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.parent_id"><unit relativeTo="ca_objects.hierarchy" delimiter=" &gt; "><l>^</l></unit></ifdef>}}}

    Note this is not a navigation breadcrumb trail as the previous comment was asking about. You could use the back button on detail pages as a starting point for that.

  • Hi Maria,

    Thank you for your reply, and apologies for the slight delay in responding. However, the above doesn't solve my question/problem. Perhaps I should explain more.

    We have gone to the effort of creating over 20,000 objects in a deep (4-5 level) hierarchy, and we want to facilitate users to easily see and navigate to what is above and below the object they are in (one level deeper and one level higher) - is there a way to do this?

    The code you've supplied just shows the current object, which we already have. As an example is at the 'third' level of the hierarchy, under Project (P01) then Folder 01 (P01-F01).

    How do we automatically use the object hierarchy to show this and allow navigation up and down in Pawtucket2, just like you can in Providence (please see attached image)? Surely there is a way to do this? Either breadcrumbs or an equivalent hierarchical structure of links in the Display Template?

    Thank you for your help!!

  • Not sure if this helps, but for instance I've found CA sites with 'breadcrumbs' (although I'm not sure if they are Object hierarchies?): (I believe Whirligig created this site?)

    These breadcrumbs show a hierarcy, as we'd love to. However, we'd also love to automatically show all the child records of an object, so people could dive 'down' deeper into the hierarchy.

    I hope that helps and makes our desire clear - is that possible Maria? Thank you again for any help, we're a bit stuck on this, sorry!

  • edited May 15

    Maria, please accept my apologies - I just figured it out!

    {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_objects.hierarchy" delimiter=" ➜ "><l>^<l></unit>}}}
    {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_objects.children" delimiter="<br>"><l>^<l></unit>}}}

    So happy right now, thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I'll see if I can roll this out effectively, and come back with any questions.

    Also, I just discovered that if you don't use the 'code' formatting in these discussions, it severely truncates the code, which may have been what happened with your comment above on April 30.

  • Pete you're right, I did not use the code format in my comment, sorry for the confusion! I just edited that comment so you can see what I was originally trying to show.

  • Thanks for confirming, Maria, and thank you for your help!

  • edited May 17

    Sorry Maria, I've looked for a Support Discussion that I've seen before that covers this, but I can't find it and don't want to open a new Discussion because of that - I'm getting spans around my autocomplete results like the attached - what do I need to do to fix that please? Thank you.

  • Is this in a related entities field in Providence? Do you have span tags in the entity display name field? If not, look at the local app.conf setting for ca_entities_lookup_settings

  • Hi Maria, my apologies - no, it's in the Advanced Search form in Pawtucket2. As per

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