Collective Access Unexpectedly Crashed and is Unusable

My instance of Collective Access is extremely limited in terms of what my institution allows me to have access to (e.g. the command line, direct access to files) despite them being vital to operation. I am only able to access the system and config files through a Git setup...but I digress. Things have been working fine, however, suddenly I am not able to access Providence or Pawtucket. This happened after updating an item record and not while altering any other part of C/A (config files had not been touched in days). I am unable to access any part of the system and all that displays is the error at the end of the post in plain-text on a white background. I contacted the Tech Services team days ago to have access to the logs or to clear the cache but I haven't heard back from them yet. I wanted to see if anyone here would be able to provide insight. The error is below:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''YToxODE6e3M6MzI6IjFkMGRjYzFlO' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE) in /var/www/html/pawtucket/app/tmp/collectiveaccessCache/0fea6a13c52b4d47/25368f24b045ca84/38a865804f8fdcb6/57cd99682e939275/25b50d8a2b0d5858/e8052a520a54cefa/c21f969b5f03d33d/43e04f8f136e7682/e92d1ceb7caccf1b/c14ac4c40a5783fd.php on line 14


  • delete your temp files...or just rename the /app/tmp directory

  • That's what I instructed my Tech team to do days ago, since I mentioned I don't have access to them, still awaiting them to execute this. Thank you for confirming my initial hypothesis. Hopefully this will solve the issue.

  • I have the same issue with my CA system (1.7.8). This happens after a appache crash and the only way is to delet the TMP files. The issue is that i dont know why the crashes occur.

  • After finally being able to view the logs, our specific issue was in regards to storage for the database. We increased our storage and it has solved the issue for us.

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