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Pawtucket site goes offline every 90 mins with high CPU

I couldn't find aynthing regarding this on the forums. Our site goes down for 5-20 minutes every 90 mins or so. The Digital Ocean graphs show regular high CPU (roughly 60%) at the same time. We can't see any error logs in Apache and are stumped.

Is there some regular process that would do this? We aren't uploading any new data or doing anything to the site. Help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Do you use Redis as caching backend? Seeing something similar...

  • FYI: With Redis4 instead version 5 it looks way better for us.

  • redis is the way to go. I haven't seen a whole lot of difference between v4 and v5 though. What problems have you been having?

  • Our Server (a virtual machine with 12 Cores, 24 GB RAM running on CentOS 7 hosted at our University) was running on Redis for longer than 1.5 years, after updating to redis 5 via yum the server load would go up insanely (all cores at 100% for hours) making the page unusable. After switching to file based caching, the server load was normal again immediately (avg. load < 1) but than Pawtucket would show blank pages all the time, even when using a Cronjob to clear the tmp folder once a hour. After reverting back to redis 4 everything seems to be back to normal load-wise.

  • Strange... BTW we're investigating replacing the current caching library (Stash) with something that hopefully performs better. The Stash file cache works great... until it doesn't.

  • That'd be welcome. Similar experience here, Redis used to work fine, now it is not even an option on Windows, and have resorted to file cache with cron-cleans to minimize service interruptions due to caching errors. Ops not happy...

  • For me (OP), this was the cache getting stuck in a loop. A weekly Cron job clearing the cache sorted the problem. Thanks to all for your help.

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