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How to enable the creation of Site Pages on Manage > Pawtucket > SITE PAGES


I am using Providence and Pawtucket2 v1.7.8 and am not able to create site page on Providence > Manage > Pawtucket > SITE PAGES.
The problem is that is there is not a button available to perform this.

Could You please advise if this has to be enabled anywhere?

Thanks in avance,



  • You need to process the templates in your Pawtucket theme using the caUtils scan-site-page-templates utility. See the documentation on this page for more information on using Site Pages:

  • Hi Maria,

    Thank's for the reply. The info You provided was very helpful and I have been able to setup and use a template.

    In this process I have come across some other issues that perhaps You have some insight on:

    1. From my understanding of the documentation, global variables could be added to a template using the {{{}}} notation.

    What is the difference (if any) between these global variables and the variables defined in the Pawtucket2 themes/mytheme/conf/templates.conf (whose value can then be set in the corresponding Site Page in Providence > MANAGE > Pawtucket > SITE PAGES)?

    1. I have setup a global variable (defined it in Providence/app/conf/app.conf in section Global template values (Pawtucket content management) and set it in Providence > MANAGE > Pawtucket > GLOBAL VARIABLES) and added this variable to my template. However the value for this variable is not rendered in the Site Page that uses my template. A new field (with no label) is now available in my Site Page definition in Providence and is blank (it does not assume the value set in Global Values)

    Thanks again,


  • Global Values are not intended to be used in site page templates. They can be placed in any view used throughout the site. For example, you can place a global value in the view that generates the footer of the site so it's easy to update your institution's hours or contact information without making edits to the view. Similarly, they can be used for a welcome message on the front page that needs to be updated regularly.

    When you process site pages with the caUtils scan-site-page-templates utility, any variable in site page templates between triple curly brackets, {{{value}}} will be extracted and rendered as a field in the site page form in Providence.

    I hope this helps to clarify.

  • Hi Maria,

    Thanks You so much for Your help!

    I would just like to add the link to a previous thread (also answered by You) that helped me displaying Global Values in Pawtucket2:


  • You're welcome and thanks for including the other link :)

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