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How to configure "type-ahead"

Using Providence (CA version: 1.7.8)

When creating a record and I type in a value for a field (in this case) of type Entity, CA's "type-ahead" feature presents me with a list of matches that I can select from. This works as advertised, and as far as I can tell, what comes up is a list of 'displayname'.

I would like to know how to modify the "type-ahead" feature to do the following:

1- change from a list of 'displayname' to (say) a list of 'surname' (ideally, I would like to change it to two appended fields; e.g. 'displayname' + ' ' + 'some_other_field')
2- I'd also like to know where I can specify which fields are used (by the "type-ahead" feature) when it does a search

For (1), I was able to find that the 'app.conf' is where one would specify the template:

but looking at the 'app.conf' file, I didn't see any mention of "type-ahead" and saw only two instances of 'displayname'...which I tried changing to 'forename' (as a test) but didn't seem to have any effect.

For (2), the idea would be to limit what fields "type-ahead" searches on, in order to decrease the amount of suggestions. We'd like to mitigate the potential for false positives.

Please let me know if you need more information, screenshots, etc...



  • Hi Denis. The setting your looking for is ca_entities_lookup_settings in app.conf. You would need to modify search indexing to limit the fields searched in the type ahead. See here for more information:

  • Sorry for the late reply; other project priorities came up.

    Thank you very much for your response.

    I'm still not sure how to limit the fields searched in the type-ahead.

    What I have is the following:

    The "Personnel" input is where I'm trying to modify the type-ahead behavior (which fields are searched).

    I experimented by modifying the ca_entities section here:

    and later on, I experimented with the "ca_objects->ca_objects_x_entities" section here:

    In the ca_entities section, I tried replacing "_metadata" by individual fields, and that made no difference (the type-ahead always searches on all fields...which is what I want to avoid).
    In the ca_objects->ca_objects_x_entities section, I tried adding individual fields there, but that caused the indices rebuild to fail.

    For both cases, I experimented with different permutations of "ca_attribute_.....", because I wasn't sure if the actual attribute name to use was the one defined in the basic table (label bundle), or the one from my custom type.

    So my question:
    Would you be able to guide me as to which section of the "search_indexing.conf" file I should be tinkering with, and the exact syntax to use? (Let's say the attribute for Personnel is called "some_id", "ca_attribute_some_id")?


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