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Access Control

When the permissions on a user profile are changed, in the metadata tab, manually, the lists are left with codes and question marks instead of the respective name of the list, as the permissions of the lists change automatically without any action. What happens is that the permissions of the lists are from "edit" to "restrict". Even if it is put back as "edit" manually, these options are not saved which makes it impossible to solve by the user interface and I have to do a new installation through the profile.
Has the same happened to someone else? How did you resolve this issue through the user interface without installing the profile?


  • I think this is due to caching of list data, but I can't to 100% sure without an example to look at. Which permissions, exactly, are you changing?

    You might want to try clearing the cache (either via caUtils or by deleting the contents of the app/tmp directory) and see if that resolves it. Clearing the cache isn't a real and permanent solution, of course, but if it works it implies that caching is that issue.

  • In the metadata there were only objects with editing permissions. When I enabled the occurrences option as edit, the lists were unformatted, with question marks and ids.
    I removed the cache in app / tmp and it didn't work. I didn’t try for caUtils.

  • this problem happened on two servers

  • Ok so please give me precise details about when and where this happens. Screenshots would be helpful.

  • my environment settings:

    1) objects screen before changing user permissions

    2) User

    3) Group

    4) Role - Actions

    5) Role - Metadata - before saving

    6) after saving the rules of the technical profile, placing the occurrences as edit, the lists change from edit to restricted state

    7) accessing the CA with the technician profile, the listings on the object sheet are left with question marks and ids. The administrator profile continues to appear correctly. This error is only in the technician's profile after changing the access permissions

    Thank you in advance for your help

  • And you didn't mean to restrict lists for the technician, correct? If that's the case try setting the php.ini max_input_vars setting to a large-ish number (say 20000). The role config screen is one big form, and if you have a large number of metadata elements the form may exceed the PHP limit on how many parameters a single form can have. If the limit is exceeded some form values will be ignored, and the end result can be permissions being set to "restricted". Upping max_input_vars can avoid this. Longer term the role config form needs to be factored to smaller pieces.

    • I made the change mentioned in php
    • I cleared the cache (providence / app / tmp)
    • I changed the technician's permissions to access the lists
    • when saving I verify that the lists continue with the restricted state

    The question of question marks and list ids in the technical profile still persists

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