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Initial installation profile: As empty/clean as possible?

Hi everyone!

What would be the best way to get the most minimal profile (metadata elements, vocabulary lists, UIs, etc) when installing Providence (v1.7.8)?
I've implemented a very concrete metadata schema (EN15907) which works fine already, but I'd now like to strip down a new installation to as little unused metadata elements, voc-lists, etc as possible.

In the past I've always removed the menu entries to stuff I didn't use, and left everything behind the scenes in place. Just in case.
But the current default profile (VRA-core) seems more elaborate than in the past and leaving it all in in makes it a bit "noisier" to administer.

Is there something like an "empty" profile, which only has the most vitally necessary stuff?

Thank you very much in advance for any information :)


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    Without being the best to answer to this question, I guess that DublinCore is the minimal and simplest core. (Only 15 metadata I think)

    Unused UIs have to be disabled in app.file (for example, if you don't care loans, tours, lots of objects, movements, occurrences, storage locations...)

    If some object's types (or other element's type) are not necessary for you, you can deleted them by editing the corresponding list (for example if you don't treat "services", "videos", "softwares", "data"...)

    I hope this will help you.

  • There is no empty profile – it's all vital to someone...

    You might explore creating an empty profile with just the bits you need and make sure it doesn't inherit from the base profile. That should give you as simple as working system as you're likely to get.

  • Thanks to both for your input!

    I've checked out the DublinCore one, and I guess it's a very good starting point for what I'm up to. It is indeed already quite minimal :)

    Thank you!

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