Related Terms Error in Pawtucket2

For a detail page, the related terms show but it originally show the text (is described by) next to the term.
Now I just get () - the "is described by" has disappeared.

When I click on the term. I get the error

Errors occurred when trying to access /index.php/Detail//273:
Action is not defined

I I cannot find any entry for "is described by" in the lists and vocabularies.
Have I messed something up?


  • the "is described by" is a relationship type.

    I'd check the view template to see how you're trying to output the relationship type. For the incorrect link, check your detail.conf configuration and make sure you have a detail configured for the type of record it's linking to.

  • I am still having touble .
    I have not changed anything in pawtucket/themes/default/conf/detail.conf. There is no "Objects"section in this file - only entities, occurences, places, collections and annotations.

    Nor have I changed the terms section of pawtucket/themes/default/views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php. It still reads:

            {{{<ifcount code="ca_list_items" min="1" max="1"><H6>Related Term</H6></ifcount>}}}
            {{{<ifcount code="ca_list_items" min="2"><H6>Related Terms</H6></ifcount>}}}
            {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_objects_x_vocabulary_terms" delimiter="<br/>"><unit relativeTo="ca_list_items"><l>^ca_list_items.preferred_labels.name_plural</l></unit> (^relationship_typename)</unit>}}}

    What I have changed is the lists and vocabulary section of providence under Manage - Lists and Vocabularies. I deleted the AAT volaculary, but I don't think I changed anything else.

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    I also have two entries for "is described by" in the table ca_relationships_types_labels (and three"depicts"):

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    Update: There is a section for "Objects" in the detail.conf file. I just had not seen it at the top. The comment "is described by" is back on all pages - not sure what I changed here that fixed that - it has been trying a few things over the course of months. Today I copied the original detail.conf file and replaced the one I had to make sure that it was OK. However I still get the error "Errors occurred when trying to access /index.php/Detail//336:
    Action is not defined" when I click on a terms link on a detail page.
    I hae also deleted all templates in Providence "My Displays" to make sure that it was not something I had done here. Is that the templates you were referring to on March 19?

    I would really like to fix this - the site does not work properly until I have it working.

  • I have checked for the source of the error by installing in a separate directory a new version of both Providence and Pawtucket. Connected to the same database. The error still appears, so it must must be something to do with the database. How can I narrow it down even further ? Is there a way of exporting the objects and reimporting to a new database without including the error (given that I do not know which table is causing it) ? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  • Hi Narelle,

    It has been a while so please refresh my memory... what versions of Providence and Pawtucket are you running?


  • Pawtucket 2 and Providence 1.7.9. I think these are the latest stable versions.

  • Ok, try changing the template to this:

    {{{<unit relativeTo="ca_list_items" delimiter="<br/>"><l>^ca_list_items.preferred_labels.name_plural</l> (^relationship_typename)</unit>}}}

    Any difference?

  • I changed the line in "themes/default/views/Details/ca_objects_default_html.php" referring to ca_list_items as suggested, no change. I still get error message

    Errors occurred when trying to access /index.php/Detail//280:
    Action is not defined

    when clicking on the relative term.

  • Can you send me your theme? Please send it to

  • Using your theme with the current 1.7.8 Pawtucket release it all works. Relationship types show up as expected. I guess the only way I'm going to get to the bottom of this is to see that actual system installation.

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