Delimiting by line break and occurrence splitter question

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I'm working on a database import of artworks from FileMaker Pro. The element in question is a list of exhibitions for each artwork, separated by line break.
My first question is whether it's possible to delimit by line break?
If not, I'll just have to go into Excel and do a find and replace.
Furthermore, does anyone have any idea why this refinery isn't producing any occurrences? It's the occurrence splitter on line 10.
Also, my storage location splitter is producing different storage locations, but it's not getting a hierarchy from them. Those cells come in the form of " storage place - shelf - drawer," but there's a lot of variation to make a single hierarchy.


  • You can do this by setting the delimiter to "\n"

    For the occurrence splitter you'll need to set an occurrence type ("occurrenceType") in addition to a relationship type.

    For storage locations, to create a hierarchy you'll need to declare what the parent or parents are. See the "parents" option for the splitter (


  • Thanks Seth.
    I'm still having issues creating any occurrences with this import. For reference, here are my occurrenceSplitter parameters, and some information from the column I'm trying to create occurrences from.
    I also tried setting the occurrenceType to "exhibition" and "event", but no luck.

    Anything look wrong?

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    Just updating this in case someone else runs into the same problems.

    These settings worked for me. Basically, I had the relationshipType wrong on my occurrence splitter. Also I was having a similar issue with entitySplitter and I needed to give more information to define the entities (an idno).
    Also Seth was right, \n for the delimiter works.
    also sorry the images are so big, not sure how to style them in markdown

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