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Remove-unused-media broke PDF viewing?

Okay, so I'm asking this mainly to make sense of what just happened so as to avoid repeating it again in the future when my collection grows and my fix no longer becomes tenable. For starters, I'm running both providence and pawtucket off of the develop branch. Anyway, here's what took place...

After a few failed media imports of a batch of pdfs -- timeouts, it seems the process was running immediately on import and not waiting to be queued-- I needed to clean up the failed imports. So, I ran the remove-unused-media utility to try and get rid of those files. Using the --delete parameter, it ended up clearing several thousand files out. While this seemed like a lot, the pdfs were also pretty large so I figured there must have been tons of derivatives that needed to be deleted.

Once this completed, I noticed I started having issues displaying certain PDFs on both PROV and PAW. In both cases, the document viewer was sending network requests for images that were failing (the _multifile images). On PAW, the error read: "Unable to open [object object].. Unable to load TileSource." To fix this, I tried reprocessing the media for a subset of the PDFs. Though I specified ****reprocess-media -v tilepic****, all the derivative files were queued for re-creation, not just the tilepic. Long story short, this did not fix the viewing of the PDFs. Instead, my thumbnails within the viewer doubled -- with the first half failing to load -- and the player ultimately crashing. For example if I had a 5 page PDF, the first 5 thumbnails would be empty, and the second five would be the proper document. If I reprocessed again, it would add another 5 thumbnails on top of that 10, and so on. I ended up running remove-unused-media again -- at this point I hadn't connected that it may have been the initial source of my issues -- and the problem seemingly began to affect even more objects.

Ultimately, I ended up deleting the bad representations and re-uploading the original files for new processing from scratch. These new files display perfectly fine. I realize, however, that this fix is not reasonable should I experience this issue again. So, I wanted to ask here to try and diagnose exactly what went wrong so I can avoid this in the future!


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