Mapping Template Won't Upload

I'm playing around with a mapping template to make things easier for me but every time I try to upload it to test I get an error that it was skipped. Did I do something it doesn't like?


  • You have invalid json in the options columns on several lines.

  • Ahhhh, that makes sense. I didn't know it checked for errors. Possibly in a future update it could list the reason why the file was skipped?

    Back to your comment, how would I correctly write the json? I couldn't seem to find anywhere on the wiki about how to write multiple options in the same cell. That was the main thing I was trying to test and hopefully figure out.

    I want to use {"matchOn":["idno"]} as well as {"skipIfEmpty": 1}, if that's possible. Right now I have {"matchOn":["idno"], "skipIfEmpty": 1} but that isn't correct. I'll play around a bit but I'm assuming I'm missing something fairly simple.


  • edited April 2020

    After my above comment I went and deleted the option values, except the constants. Still skipped. Removed the name, still skipped. The date was written as an Excel function '=TODAY()'. I hadn't even thought of that, just used to using that in Excel. I assumed CA didn't like a function in the options field so I removed it, now all options values are blank, it worked. I'll still have to fix the invalid json but at least I know Excel functions aren't accepted.


    EDIT: Realised an error in my mapping that was actually letting the file upload. When I tested adding everything back in again I accidentally put the options values in the group column.

  • I think I have everything sorted, no errors and tests seem to work fine. I'll put it into use and if all goes well I'll hopefully post it here as well in case it's helpful to others.

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