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Cache files(T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE) broke site


I've just installed CA and love this app!

Unfornatly, I got random errors with the cache .

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''YToxNTg6e3M6MzI6IjY1NzgwNWZmN' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE) in /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/app/tmp/collectiveaccessCache/0fea6a13c52b4d47/25368f24b045ca84/38a865804f8fdcb6/57cd99682e939275/efd02694d21a801f/598ce1b6114171fe/c21f969b5f03d33d/43e04f8f136e7682/e92d1ceb7caccf1b/c14ac4c40a5783fd.php on line 14

What can I do to prevent this? I search the forum but didn't find anything. For now, I need to delete all my temp files each time I made a modification, but the errors continue occurring.

Thanks for your precious support


  • The caching library used has issues in some cases when using the filesystem as storage. Using redis instead of the filesystem cache will fix this.

  • Thanks for your fast reply!

    I activate REDIS in my PHP Options. I'm now getting this error.

    Fatal error: Uncaught RedisException: Connection refused in /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/vendor/tedivm/stash/src/Stash/Driver/Redis.php:121 Stack trace: #0 /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/vendor/tedivm/stash/src/Stash/Driver/Redis.php(121): Redis->connect('localhost', 6379, '.1') #1 /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/vendor/tedivm/stash/src/Stash/Driver/AbstractDriver.php(39): Stash\Driver\Redis->setOptions(Array) #2 /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/app/lib/Cache/ExternalCache.php(282): Stash\Driver\AbstractDriver->__construct(Array) #3 /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/app/lib/Cache/ExternalCache.php(227): ExternalCache::getRedisObject() #4 /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/app/lib/Cache/ExternalCache.php(56): ExternalCache::getCacheObject() #5 /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/app/lib/Cache/ExternalCache.php(170): ExternalCache::init() #6 /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/app/lib/Configuration.php(1019): ExternalCache::contains('ConfigurationCa...') #7 /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/ in /home/vecteursleviers/public_html/CA/vendor/tedivm/stash/src/Stash/Driver/Redis.php on line 121

    Thanks again for your precious help.

  • You need to run the redis server as well.

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