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Advice and/or resources for importing Zotero data


First time poster so if I've done anything wrong please let me know. We're using Providence 1.7.8.

I was looking to get some advice or resources related to being able to import Zotero records/data into CollectiveAccess. To that end, after searching Google for a couple hours, I did find in an old post related to what I assume was the original Pawtucket (I think for exporting but am not 100% sure) rather than Pawtucket2:
I just committed that code and also merged a bunch of other development changes to trunk. These include performance improvements, Zotero/Z.39.88 integration and lots more.
" (

Which I think I found in the Github repository:

I guess I'm wondering if there are any more recent integrations or publicly available import mappings or tutorials/guides for importing this type of information.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • The old Pawtucket code had a provision for outputting the in Z39.88 in item detail pages, which Zotero could pick up. Few or none actually used it, and it was eventually dropped.

    We're never done any work on bringing data from Zotero into CA. I think you can export as CSV and TEI, both of which are supported by the CA importer. If you went that route you'd only have to create a mapping between the Zotero output and CA. If you exported into some other format, you'd also need to write a data reader for it, to allow the CA importer to parse the file.

  • Hi Seth,

    Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. I've now created a mapping and have done some very successful imports thus far!

    On that note, and maybe this should be a separate thread I'm not sure, but one of the biggest parts of the import was bringing in tags from Zotero. Specifically, the project being worked on has its own vocabulary for tags that are assigned in Zotero and I've used a listItemSpliter refinery to be able to import them. However, I found I needed to provide more parameters than I expected and in particular the listItemType and relationshipType because I found if I didn't include these it wouldn't work properly. I should probably say the table setting is set to ca_objects. But I guess is there anyway around this?

    Thanks again.

  • @Alan Hi Alan, I just found your posts. I have a similar task ahead and I have never done a mapping. Would you be willing to share yours with me, so I can use it as a starting point for making my own? best, aamu

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