adjusting default universal viewer settings (using as overlay image viewer)?

any ideas on how to adjust the default universal viewer settings? for example displaying in single page mode instead of double page mode by default?

tried messing with /pawtucket/assets/universalviewer/config.json and it didn't seem to have an effect.

also looked at the universalviewer files in pawtucket/themes/default/views/mediaViewers but didn't see anything...



  • I've had the same issue in 1.7.9 Pawtucket. ImageViewer does not seem to respect changes to  /pawtucket/assets/universalviewer/config.json

  • We don't expose those settings currently. If you want to create a ticket for it in JIRA ( we can see about adding them.

  • Set wrote: "We don't expose those settings currently. If you want to create a ticket for it in JIRA . . . we can see about adding them."

    Thanks Seth. Clearly the first thing I need to go is to get updated to 1.7.10 and follow you all into 1.8. In general, I have had poor results with the media viewers. I could never get TileViewer working for overlays my Providence 1.7.8 install, so I changed the config to use Mirador in overlays, which I really liked. I have since learned that you have posted patches that may have fixed TileViewer n myinstall, but I did not bother because I liked Mirador. However, when I installed Pawtucket 1.7.8, both Tileviewer broke in detail views on and Mirador broke in overlays, so I changed over to UniversalViewer just in Pawtucket. However, it is ugly and the default settings are problematic for certain situations.

    I see now that all of this may be best solved by updating to 1.7.10 and starting over with to TileViewer. So I will wait and see.


    LJAC Digital Access,

  • Hmm, and Tileviewer is still broken for you?

  • It is but I am still on 1.7.8 AND did not apply the TileViewer.php patches have you pointed others too, so my case doesn't count for much now. It appears that my media viewer issues are best revisited AFTER I get updated to 1.7.10, It will be at least another week.

    My media is very mixed, even for one object: still images (JPG and JP2000), audio files (MP3), Quicktime VR object videos (which we will probably abandon soon as the format is dead), and PDF Files all for one object. UniversalViewer works, but does not handle the multiple file formats well without changing its own config (Ex. for 3+ media files it defaults to viewing in two-page spreads, which does not work well for mixed media). Now that I mostly understand the architecture (how media handlers are all JS packages that can be specified and customized), after update, i will optimize my my choices and settings and dig for help if I need it.

    Another point that might worth posting. Under my install of 1.7.8, I found the contents of the JS helpers folders were different for Providence and Pawtucket resulting in different ones breaking on one or the other. Meaning the contents of the ImageViwerJS folders in the two components were not the same, even though they were identical versions. I peeked and it looks like 1.7.9 may have repaired this?? Is there a reasons that two different code bases are used for the same viewer in Providence and Pawtucket, instead of just having one?

  • They're supposed to be the same in both.

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