Is editing of attributes via the Web Service API only possible through deletion?

According to the Web Service API documentation, attributes are edited by removing the old values and (re-)adding all the new values:

To make most common editing operations possible we then added a couple of "remove" operations to get rid of old values.

When looking at the "notes" attribute in the provided example:

is it necessary to remove all notes even though I only want to edit one specific note?

The removing and (re-)adding via the Web Services API works, but it will delete and re-insert all the respective rows in tables ca_attributes and ca_attributes_values. When editing the attribute via the Providence UI, it is possible to edit a single note resulting in an updated value in the ca_attributes_values table with the database id remaining the same. Can this operation also be performed via the Web Services API or is the Web Services API limited to the remove/(re-)adding approach?


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