Displaying PDF Access Copies of Preservation Multipage TIFFs

Providence 1.7.8

Short Version:
Does anyone have any ideas why the UniversalViewer would try to load a /index.php/Detail/GetMediaOverlay/context/objects/id/9859/representation_id/25/overlay/1 file and /assets/universalviewer/dist/uv/%3Csite_prototcol%3E://,150/0/default.jpg especially the latter given its trying to get a jpg inside a PDF.

Long Version:
Okay, so I was tasked to figure out how to create PDF access copies from multipage TIFF preservation copies which lead me to try to figure out media_processing.conf (not entirely related but see my earlier forum post https://collectiveaccess.org/support/index.php?p=/discussion/300457/image-generation-quality-media-processing-conf-configuration-explination#latest). From there I realized, in my instance at least, Gmagick.php was where all the variations were being made so adding the application/PDF mimetype to the EXPORT variable and commenting out the
$handle->setimageindex(0); // force use of first image in multi-page TIFF
and then adding the true value as the second parameter on the writeimage
$this->handle->writeimage($ps_filepath . "." . $ext, true)
which is working in regards to generating the PDFs. However, when I changed media_display.conf in the hopes of being able to display the PDF version of errors after fiddling around with it I found out that there were the aforementioned JavaScript errors.

Any help or advice any can provide is much appreciated.
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