Limiting vocabulary choice to "concepts" only?

I've configured a hierarchical vocabulary list where I would like to allow a user to only select terms of type "concept".

I've configured a metadata element to use that list and selected only "concept" in the "Restrict to types" option. But I still can select any entry in the list. Is there any way I can do this? And what is the "Restrict to types" option for? I've searched (and read) everthing I could find in the wiki about these 4 list types (including PDFs on Getty about their definition of these types)

Thank you very much in advance!


  • How are others using hierarchical vocabularies, without allowing to select the hierarchy levels?

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    Hi Peter,
    I've just found how to do that! (but not exactly for "concepts" only)
    When you create your hierarchy, and add items inside, you can choose "is activated?" (yes or no) for each item.
    If you choose "no", then you will see this item in hierarchy but you will not be able to select it. But you can see and select what is behind this level.
    So, by this way, you can choose what is selectable or not by users (for concepts or other types).
    (If it is not clear, I will explain with screen captures.)

  • @darrigan: Thanks!
    I actually did that already in the past (2 years ago or so), but then I wasn't able to easily edit or re-activate the entry anymore, since it was also disabled in the editor.

    In order to re-activate it again, I had to find the item ID and copy/paste it in the list editor URL to access it. I remember posting this either here in the forums or even on Jira, but I can't find it right now (also because the CA bugtracker seems to have moved).

    Anyways: I'll try it again. Maybe it is possible to re-enable the item now?

  • You are right... not easy to re-activate it!

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