Restricting relationship types in metadata bundles when relationship type is in a hierarchy

I've recently updated my Providence system to 1.7.8 & I'm trying to implement the ontology for the Record in Context Standard (

My CA system was set to follow Version 1 of Record in Context conceptual model before the ontology was published & I didn't arrange my relationship types in a hierarchy. The recent release ontology does arrange relationship properties in a hierarchy & I've been trying to see if I can implement this in my version of CA. However, I'm having difficulty when restricting relationship types in a relationship metadata bundle.

For example, I have a ca_collections_x_vocabulary_terms relationship which follows: is related to > belongs to category > has accrual status

I have a ca_collections_x_vocabulary_terms metadata bundle for 'Accrual Status' in which I restricted to the 'has accrual status' relationship type. However, after I moved the relationship type into a hierarchy, the term no longer appears on the bundle in the user interface:

I've edited the metadata bundle so is is also restricted to 'is related to' and 'belongs to category,' but now the bundle shows all the relationships types available in that string:

Is there any way I can restricted a relationship metadata bundle to one relationship type if that relationship type sits within a hierarchy tree?


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