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Pawtucket Detail view limit for BACK and NEXT button

In pawtucket (I can see this behaviour in Versions 1.7.6 and 1.7.8) there seems to be a limit around ca 1.100 items for the NEXT and BACK button to function.
The buttons dissapear beyon a certain number of items.
We have a collection with over 2.500 items and cannot navigate trough all of them in detail view. Is this a server issue or a Pawtucket limit?
The behaviour occurs on both a local install and a server installation.


  • The behaviour occurs when (after browsing for a facet) the results are viewed in detail view. (and the results are more than 1000 items)
    I have searched further and the behaviour happens at 1000 items.
    I can see the same behaviour online at : (centro for porturican studies) so I assume it is not caused by my specific server settings.
    I cannot confirm the behaviour in the Collective Access demo site because there are not enough items.

  • The buffer for result sets is limited to 1000 items for performance reasons.

  • Ah, I see. So we would have to split up the browse results.
    (Or would there be a way to set the buffer higher without breaking everything?)

  • Hi remco,

    As there is a limitation to 1000 items, that means this "1000" should be hardly written somewhere in the code. So you can find this "1000" in code and change it to a greater value ;)

    You could try this at your risk ;)

    • In Pawtucket folder, go to /app/controllers
    • Copy the file BrowseController.php to BrowseController-original.php (just in case you go wrong, you could go back to original file)
    • Edit BrowseController.php and find "1000", and try to change it by "3000".

    Some other "1000" are founded in other files: FindController.php, ListItemController.php
    And in /app/lib/ca, files: BaseBrowseController.php, BaseLookupController.php, BaseRefineableSearchController.php

    Hope this help.

  • edited July 22

    Hello Darrigan,

    I initially wantet to wait for an answer from Seth putting me in the right direction, not to mess things up, but I was looking along the same path.
    Tried adapting BrowseController.php and changed 1000 to 6000 (the total of items in my setup and then some) and it worked without problems.
    In the meantime I also found out that the 1000 limit does not count for sets = (Galleries) , so that would have been another workaround. (paging trough the gallery)

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