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Generating object change reports

Hello all. The only silver lining about everyone working from home is that it has been great for taking care of all our backlogged cataloging. Now I have to generate a report of all the changes each person has made by month to justify them working from home. Is there any way of doing this in Collective?

Providence 1.7.8


  • I guess I could enable “My Change Log” for each user but this only shows changes made on the same day and users are unable to select other dates or date ranges. The “show from” doesn’t seem to work.

  • "Show from" is working but only for the last couple of days. Any longer than that and there are too many change records. The page stalls and I get a HTTP error 500.

  • Hi edlemons,
    I think that the best way is to extract these informations directly from the database, by using a little home-made php script or using phpmyadmin.

  • Maybe another way, is changing the limitation of 1 day, directly in the CA code. Be careful and make copy of files you'll change. Line numbers hereafter correspond to the version 1.7.6 and should be quite different in other versions.

    • Go to providence /app/controllers/logs
    • Make a copy of MyChangeController.php to MyChangeController-original.php to be sure you could go back to original file if needed.
    • With a text editor, open file MyChangeController.php
    • At line 57, you read:
      $vn_num_seconds = 60 * 60 * 24;
      This corresponds to 24h display only. So if you want to see 90 days, you should replace it by:
      $vn_num_seconds = 60 * 60 * 24 * 90;

    • Maybe the display will be limited in size, due to the line 86:
      if(sizeof($va_log_entries) > 10000) { break 2; }
      So you could increase this limit to 50000 (or more) like this:
      if(sizeof($va_log_entries) > 50000) { break 2; }

    For the Global Change Log, you should edit the file GlobalChangeController.php in the same way.

    Hope this will help you.

  • Hey darrigan,

    Thank you for the advice. It seems to work well enough (although it does take quite a lot of time for the page to load). If I go too far back or depending on the number of change records that are pulled, the page stalls and eventually crashes.

    I´ll have to add an export to excel option in my wishlist for C.A. 2.0.

    Thanks again and be well.

  • The develop branch has additional options for searching the change log under "Manage" > "Logs", including the ability to search by user, date range, change type, etc.

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