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History Tracking in 1.7.9

I am still struggling with History Tracking.
I am currently using Movement based tracking. I NEED to keep track of when I move an object in/out of different Storage Locations, and I need to keep track of when I move a Storage Location (ie object A-> box 1, Object B-> box 1, box1-> shelf X, box1->shelf Y...)

As best as I can tell, Movement based tracking is not implemented at all in 1.7.9. (it looks removed from the codebase)

When I try to implement it as Workflow, I find that I can NOT create an updated location into a location that was previously used. ie. object A -> box 1, object A-> box 2, object A->box 1 (<-- this will not save.) Is this the correct behavior....or is it broke!?

Something I dont understand about Workflow - With Movement based, I can create a new Movement record, then quickly select the objects involved in the Movement. If I understand Workflow correctly, I would need to navigate to each object and then update the location - creating an interstitial record for each object x location. Or would it be object x movement? I think I'm missing something important in my understanding of how this should work.



  • That's correct, movement is not currently implemented in 1.7.9. We do plan to do that.

  • Is a "movement" akin to a Spectrum "procedure"? Would the tracking system work with a Spectrum profile?
  • edited October 29

    "Procedures" in Spectrum is the generic term for all workflows/documentation processes defined in the Spectrum standard for museums. In Spectrum 5.0 there are 21 of them. One of these procedures is "Location and movement control".

    The existing CA profile called "Spectrum" is a bit outdated to my knowledge (refers to Spectrum 3, I think). Unfortunately, I can't say how well the workflow for movement control suggested in Spectrum can be implemented with CA; perhaps the support team can help you with this?

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