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Import embedded metadata during importing media in CA

I am planning to import a batch of media and would like to create object records with embedded metadata at the same time.
I’ve read these two documents and some previous discussions in forum, I would like to know if my unstinting is correct.

1. Media Metadata,
2. Embedded metadata extraction,
3. Can I import embedded metadata as the same time I import the files?

I found two steps mentioned in previous discussion to import embedded metadata:

(1) Writing a mapping EXIF importer
(2) Import media choosing media importer “extract embedded metadata into object using mapping”

My question is do I need to edit media_metadata.conf file to add my mapping metadata if I already have an exif mapping exist? Or either one is OK?

Another question is that, some metadata are not found in XMP file, such as object type, language, condition dc_type, related collection, storage location, etc., can I create the missing metadata with exiftool or other applications before import to CA? Is there any suggestion to come up with this issue?

Please find the sources I want to extract, I try to write the source name following the rules with heading and sub-entry separated with a slash. Are the names correct? Are these metadata under XMP can be extracted?

XMP-dc/ Title
XMP-xmp/ CreateDate
XMP-dc/ Description
XMP-photoshop/ Source
XMP-dc/ Rights
XMP-dc/ Creator
XMP-iptcExt/ PersonInImage
XMP-iptcExt/ OrganisationInImageName
XMP-plus/ CopyrightOwnerName
XMP-iptcExt/ LocationCreated
XMP-iptcExt/ Sublocation
XMP-iptcExt/ Event
XMP-iptcCore/ SubjectCode

Many thanks!


  • The embedded metadata import process got a revamp earlier this year. The code for this is all in the develop branch, not the current release, so if you want to use it right now you'll need to pull from develop. There's new documentation here for the revamp:
    Take a look and if it doesn't answer your question reply here and I'll be happy to get into the weeds.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your information.
    I am using version 1.7.5, if I use this version without pulling from develop, can I use the same method and the source format you suggested in the document to extract?

    Also, can I extract embedded metadata by using exif importer to ca_objects catalogue (not to ca_object_representation) with version 1.7.5?

    Other than that, I have a question about media_metadata.conf, can I extract embedded metadata by uncomment and add elements to the part below in media_metadata.conf in version 1.7.5?
    Such as adding source, rights, subject, etc.
    import_mappings = {
    ca_objects = {
    default = {
    XMP:Title = {
    XMP:Description = {

    The metadata extracted from my testing file looks like this:

    "XMP-dc": {
    "Format": "image/jpeg",
    "Description": "Testing",
    "Title": "Testing - 202000812",
    "Creator": "Entity1",
    "Rights": "AAA News"
    "XMP-iptcCore": {
    "SubjectCode": "Personal"
    "IPTC": {
    "CodedCharacterSet": "UTF8",
    "ApplicationRecordVersion": 4,
    "ObjectName": "Testing - 202000812",
    "SubjectReference": "IPTC:Personal:::",
    "DateCreated": "2020:04:10",
    "TimeCreated": "00:32:35",
    "By-line": "Entity1",
    "Source": "AAA News P.A3",
    "CopyrightNotice": "AAA News",
    "Caption-Abstract": "Testing"

    Can I write like this to extract metadata?

    import_mappings = {
    ca_objects = {
    default = {
    XMP:Title = {
    XMP:Description = {
    XMP:Rights = {
    XMP:Format = {
    XMP:SubjectCode = {
    IPTC:Source = {

    One more question, I found that there are some metadata embedded in image are missing after imported to CA demo site in media representation auto generation screen, such as:
    XMP-iptcExt:PersonInImage, OrganisationInImageName
    If the metadata can’t be extracted in media page, can it still be imported to CA object catalogue if set to exif importer as mentioned above?

    Many thanks!

  • You should update to the latest code.

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