Lists and vocabularies: Identifier missing when creating a new concept


I'm using Providence (and Pawtucket) v.1.7.8 on a Linux server and DublinCore v14.

When creating a new concept through Lists & vocabularies, when I click Save, the identifier is not set.
Here are the steps I am doing:
1. MANAGE > Lists & vocabularies
2. Add new concept under existing category (either by directly creating under desired category or by creating a sibling to an existing concept under desired category)
3. Fill in Preferred labels and add custom identifier
4. Click Save

As you an see, the identifier is not set and, hence, is not displayed.

I have checked the database and the idno field in table ca_list_items for created entries is empty.

I checked the logs in /app/logs but no error messages are displayed.

Could You please advise on what might be happening or what other checks could I perform?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hello,

    We are still facing this issue in our installation. Could You please advise on what configuration settings we should check or what could we do in order to solve this behavior?

    Best Regards

  • Hi,

    It's odd that it's not saving. I'd check the multipart_id_numbering.conf configuration file. Are you running a custom one? You may either have an invalid set up for list items in there (they take a numbering policy just like other kinds of records), or one of the set ups for a table coming before it in the file may be missing a trailing commas or closing bracket. If the latter is the case you may have a situation where the list item setup looks fine, but it's being "telescoped" into the configuration for a previous kind of record.

    If you're sure the the config is ok then something odd(er) is going on.


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