Permission-warning for HTMLPurifier shown after profile install

The installer is no nice to tell me which folders need to be writable by the webserver-user (e.g. www-data on Debian):
app/tmp, app/log, media

It does that before the install of the profile, which is a perfect moment for a VM-snapshot.
However, there is one folder that pops up after successful install of the profile:

It looks like the directory for HTML filtering caches is not writable by the webserver. Please change the permissions of /var/www/html/ca/providence/vendor/ezyang/htmlpurifier/library/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer and enable the user which runs the webserver to write to this directory.

Would it be possible to mention this folder at the same time as the others?


  • Hello peter! I ran into the same problem tonight.

    My solution was this command on Ubuntu:

    sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/html/ca/pawtucket/vendor/ezyang/htmlpurifier/library/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer

    If that doesn't work, try entering this command as well:

    sudo chown -R 755 /var/www/html/ca/pawtucket/vendor/ezyang/htmlpurifier/library/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer

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