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Installer: Stuck/ended at "Processing search forms"

I've successfully set up an instance with code from git branch "develop". Yay! :sweat_smile:
However, installing my profile XML (which worked flawlessly in v1.7.8) does not end with a success message (as usual), but froze (or ended?) saying "Processing search forms".

When I manually go to the providence page, I can login and use the instance without any visible issues.
It does not feel right though that it doesn't end cleanly...

In order to avoid profile-XML-dialects between versions, I have exported this profile again in v1.7.9(develop) and re-ran the install:
but same behavior :cry:

I don't find any logfiles or anything where I could check what went wrong (app/log is empty).

Grateful for any hints! :smile:
Thank you very much in advance.


  • btw:
    Before that I have installed my XML profile in v1.7.8(release) - no errors - then switched to branch origin/develop - then had CA upgrade the database: No errors.

    I've tried exporting and re-installing that XML: Same issue.

    Maybe interesting though:

    I've noticed that the first (unclean?) export only had one "searchForms" present in the profile XML (with bundlePlacements node empty):

    • ca_objects_adv_search

    Whereas this export also had the following searchForms present (including bundlePlacement information):

    • ca_entities_adv_search
    • ca_places_adv_search
    • ca_occurrences_adv_search
    • ca_collections_adv_search
    • ca_storage_locations_adv_search
    • ca_loans_adv_search
  • Try removing those forms from your profile

  • Unfortunately, no success:
    I've tried with a completely empty <searchForms/> node in the XML: Same behavior.

  • Shall I provide you with the profile XML?

  • Update: I've now removed the searchForms in the XML again, but this time the XML that was generated without the DB update: That worked.

    The only real difference I see between these 2 XMLs is the strange case of old-vs-new bundle names, see:

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