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Importer: Mixed up constraints of container sub-elements?

I've ran into a confusing situation with the importer.

The log message seems to suggest that the importer does not evaluate the "minimum number of characters" property correctly:

(2020-10-19 14:26:07) [%] Failed to add value for vhh_note; values were vhh_NoteReference = description: Note text must be at least 10 characters long
(2020-10-19 14:26:07) [%] Failed to add value for vhh_note; values were vhh_NoteText = British-Australian scholar (b. 1969): Reference must be at least 5 characters long

There are 2 sub-elements of "vhh_note":

  • vhh_NoteText (min 10 chars)
  • vhh_NoteReference (min. 5 chars)

How can the same line mention "vhh_NoteReference" and "Note text" - and "vhh_NoteText" mentions "Reference"?
It looks like it's mixing up the sub-elements properties.
Furthermore: Why is the text "British-Australian scholar (b. 1969)" considered less than 5 characters?

The screenshot shows the config for "vhh_note.vhh_NoteReference".

The related importer mapping is this:

Mapping    | 11             | ca_entities.vhh_note.vhh_NoteText
Constant   | description    | ca_entities.vhh_note.vhh_NoteReference

Code is today's copy of git "develop" (v1.7.9, commit e96133edf2a552c448ec99bec6ddcf1a4f33a2e9)

I'm grateful for any suggestions how to deal with this :smile:
Thank you very much in advance.


  • You're not grouping the elements of the container so they're being evaluated separately, as two distinct sets of values. In one container only NoteReference is set, in the other only NoteText is set. If you set the "group" value to the same value (doesn't matter what it is, so long as it's unique within the mapping and all relevant mappings share it) a single container will be populated with both field values and you won't get these errors.

  • Oooooooh! Of course!
    My bad.

    Thanks for clearing this up so quickly! :smile:

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