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Importer ca_entities: Split name string into surname, forename, etc

I've read the Data Importer documentation, but I couldn't find how to do this (only how to join cells):

My source data has people's names in a single spreadsheet cell.
Like this, for example:

  • "Adorno, Theodor W."
  • "Adzhibegashvili, Aleksandr N."
  • "Agamben, Giorgio"
  • "Ahmed, Sara"

The format is consistent as "surname, forename [middle name]".
Can I have the importer split this somehow?
Or shall I rather do this as preprocessing in the spreadsheet application?

Thank you very much in advance!


  • edited October 20

    Would the importer option "applyRegularExpressions" work for this?

    Its documentation sounds promising:

    match: a regular expression applied to source data values; replaceWith: if a match is found, it will be replaced with whatever is contained in "replaceWith".

  • i think it might be more efficient to split the column in your raw data. there are usually a variety of fairly quick methods to do this sort of thing, depending on the spreadsheet application you are using.

  • @nobody
    I think you're probably right. The regex sounded promising, but "\w" doesn't catch umlauts or diacritics, etc - and then there's "van xxx" - which causes issues with middle-name false-positives...


    So pre-splitting it in the spreadsheet it is!

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