Error reaching Pages

I'm trying to set up some custom pages using templates and Providence editor.

I'm using Providence/Pawtucket2 ver. 1.7.8

  • I've enabled Providence editor interface correctly;
  • I've added templates and correctly found them using php -f bin/caUtils scan-site-page-templates;
  • I then created a page and specified a unique URL such as /test-page;

When I try to reach the page at I get an error saying:

Errors occurred when trying to access mysite/index.php/test-page:
View does not exist

I think there is something I missed along the way but I can't find what even in the docs.
Any help would be appreciated



  • Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem. I got this answer, which makes no sense to me. I thought this was exactly what the process stated. You build it on the back end, and access it on the front end. I added a followup, but no response.

    seth August 11

    Those pages are for front-end sites. They aren't accessible as pages on the back-end.

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