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associating one representation with multiple objects?


we have a record for 'object 1' which includes several .jpg representations. 'object 2' is also featured in one of those images.

is there an easy way to create a relationship between object 2 and the existing representation without importing the .jpg again?

we can see the 'Representation identifier' on the representation's full record, but not sure how to associate it with object 2. curious about how this could be done both through the providence web interface and with an import mapping.

any help is greatly appreciated


  • You can create relationships from representations to objects by adding the ca_objects (related objects) bundle to the representation editor.

    In an import mapping you'd do this the way you'd map multiple objects to any related record (eg. an entity). Normally that'd be through identifiers.

  • thanks for the quick info

  • Additional question: Is there a way to remove object representations from an object record without simultaneously deleting the image / representation record? Is there any setting for this, e.g. in a configuration file?

  • edited October 27

    No there is not. You can replace the media with other media, but it cannot be made blank.

  • So we always need to follow the link to the representation record and remove the object relation there, in order to keep the media file and its record, right?

  • No, just delete it from the object. If it's linked to multiple objects it'll only be deleted when no references remain.

  • Okay, understood.

    it'll only be deleted when no references remain.

    This is exactly what we want to avoid ...

    We will also archive media in CA that are not necessarily related to a specific object. So, if possible, images (and their records) should never be deleted just because the reference to an object is removed. But obviously this cannot be done with CA at the moment?

  • Possible solution for this problem: Every newly created media record is automatically assigned a related collection via Prepopulate.

    Should it happen that a user connects this media file to an object and then deletes the connection later, the representation record will remain (because it is still related to a collection).

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