URL for a * search (show ALL hits)?

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We are currently configuring the "Link" widget as a dashboard quick access to the different areas of our CA database. For doing this we need the corresponding URLs. The search URL for e.g. the occurances type "exhibitions" (in our case: type_id = 196) seems to be:


This link leads to the correct search form, but does not show any search hits when called. You need to manually search for * (asterisk) in a second step.

Question: What is the URL to display all records of the given type immediately after clicking on the link?

Changing the user preferences for searches doesn't help: Either the link then calls up the last search string used, or only the search form appears without displaying any search hits.

(Providence 1.7.8)


  • So it isn't possible to perform a search for "*" (asterisk) or any other search term via URL parameters?

    Then presumably we need to trigger the search query via JavaScript? What is the syntax for this?

  • All you should need to do is add /search/* to the end of the URL. Eg. /index.php/find/SearchOccurrences/Index/reset/save/type_id/196/search/*

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