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API:Getting Data - georeference ??

edited November 7 in Troubleshooting

I want to produce an extra leaflet map to show markers for all objects (= historic pictures) of the database.
I need the lat/long data and the id for each object in an array.
Starting to work myself through the "API:Getting Data", I still have difficulties to understand how to use the different options to get data.

1. Is the DB Class the appropriate tool?

I can do the simple search querys using the DB class like: SELECT * FROM ca_objects, but it doesn't work with "ca_objects.georeference". I get the error message:
SELECT command denied to user '....@'localhost' for table 'georeference' in ..../ca/pawtucket/app/lib/Db/mysqli.php line 316:

Because the DB class can't do it? How can I get the lat/long through this kind of query?

**** 2.Getting data from model instances and search results****

When I use the search engine with the examples from the help page ($o_search = new ObjectSearch();) I get a the 500 error message on the front end.
What kind of configuration is missing in this case? I know it is mentioned somewhere, but I haven't found it.

Is "ca_objects.georeference" here the right bundle specifier (if that is the right term)?

Thank you very much for your help!


  • Where are you wanting to show this map? Pawtucket already does this.

  • I thought pawtucket shows only the marker for one object. Therefore I made an additional subpage to use all functions of leaflet. One aim is to show all markers on the same map.

  • It'll also generate a map of search or browse results.

  • I have managed to get access to the API using Postman, and I can make get-requests with JSON results.
    I still want to use the search classes and I'm struggeling to get that working.
    My understanding is that the endpoint is in this case for example:


    If that's right, then the question is to find a solution for the authentification. I found an example on github and put the credentials (with my data) in the body of the Postman request:

    define('CA_SERVICE_API_USER', 'administrator');
    define('CA_SERVICE_API_KEY', 'dublincore');

    That gives me the 403 error response.

    Do I still mix things up? What is wrong?

  • edited November 22

    The endpoint would be in the form<search expression>

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