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stuck on installation step 5 - URL installation server - single machine, no network


I'm trying to install Providence locally in my laptop, to check it out (linux opensuse 15.2)
starting from zero knowledge about web-based applications.

I managed to perform step 1-4 from the installation manual
the downloaded files are located here: /opt/collectiveaccess/providence/

Now I have no clue how to proceed with the web-based installer in step 5
Maybe its a very basic question for this forum. Hope you can help be out anyways


  • You'll need a running web server and a mysql install. Do you have both installed and running?

  • yes, I installed web server Apache 2.4 and mysql

  • As you are working with a local machine, perhaps try the url: localhost/providence/install or localhost/collectiveaccess/providence/install depending on how your server is set up.

  • Thank you seth and sjenson.
    I got one step further.
    I have mysql and apache running and managed do access the url: localhost/collectiveaccess/providence/install

    then in firefox I get an error 403 that there is no index document.
    to find the error I created an empty html document in the directory and tried again. I can open it.

    Then I tried to open de index.php file in the terminal, to see if it works:
    php -f /srv/www/htdocs/collectiveaccess/providence/install/index.php

    It works but I get the message:
    You don't have a setup.php file present in the web root directory of your CollectiveAccess set up. Please copy setup.php-dist to setup.php, customize it and re-run the installer.chrisfo@linux:~> php -f /srv/www/htdocs/collectiveaccess/providence/install/index.php

    I already customized setup.php-dist and and renamed it into setup.php
    But I kept the file in the same directory: /srv/www/htdocs/collectiveaccess/providence/
    while the index.php file is located in: /srv/www/htdocs/collectiveaccess/providence/install

    and I should be able to open index.php in the web browser, right?
    Did I miss something?

  • Make sure permissions of setup.php are set such that the web server can read it.

  • do you mean values in the first section of the setup.php file?


    I set al of them. more changes I did not perform on setup.php

  • I could solve it, going through the installation an configuration of apache2 and php7 again, with a good tutorial
    I think the problem was a missing php7-mysql and apache2-mod_php7. I had just installed php7...
    thanks for you help!

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