What is the right path in pawtucket to providence's media?

Unfortunately I overwrote the /pawtucket/app/global.conf with my /mytheme/app/global.conf. Now I have problems to set the path to the media in providende in first file as it was before.

What I remember is, that I had to set the absolute path (otherwise pawtucket produces an error message):

ca_media_root_dir = /var/www/vhosts/zsikedrn.host237.checkdomain.de/XXXXXX.de/ca/media/

With this path, pawtucket shows the metadata, but not the objects (=images).

The web-console of Firefox show the problem: the "XXXXX.de" is two times in the get-path an the error-message is the "404":


Whatever I write in the other two path-lines ("ca_url_root", "ca_media_url_root") doesn't make a difference. I can't remember, what I wrote there, before I overwrote the file. I think the right lines should be:
ca_url_root = /ca
ca_media_url_root = /ca/media/

Has anyone an idea, how to set the paths in the correct syntax?
Thank you very much in advance!


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    ca_url_root should be set to whatever CA_URL_ROOT in setup.php is set to.
    ca_media_url_root should be set to /media/

    So in other words:

    ca_url_root = `__CA_URL_ROOT__`
    ca_media_url_root = <ca_url_root>/media/<app_name>

    From your paths above __CA_URL_ROOT__ should probably be set to /ca
    This would make ca_media_url_root = /ca/media/collectiveaccess (assuming __CA_APP_NAME__ is setup.php is set to "collectiveaccess" – it might be set to something else).

    setup.php should be able to guess __CA_URL_ROOT__ automatically, but you can definite it manually there if need be.

    Note that you may need to clear the contents of the app/tmp directory after modifying global.conf, as it's aggressively cached.

  • Although I cleaned the app/tmp and the browser-cache a couple of times while I was trying, my adjustments worked today. Strange!
    Sorry Seth, I send this post probably to early.
    What I don't understand in your answer: the setup.php in my pawtucket has no ca_url_root.

  • You can set __CA_URL_ROOT__ in setup.php. If you don't the system will guess a value (usually correctly) in app/helpers/post-setup.php

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