List value "sort order" number appearing in Display?

I've simply put together a summary display, by drag-n-dropping the metadata elements into the Display List.
No display template config touched.

Now unfamiliar integers appear in the output:

I found out that these numbers are the "Sort order" values of list items:
Example: "Deutschland" has "Sort order" 496

For "Title" however, things get stranger:

  • Distribution title = 355
  • Original title = 353

Of course, none of the Sort values should appear here, yet:
Only the 2nd title displays the Sort value - and of a different item: "distribution title" (instead of "original title")

What is happening here?
Any way I can fix this?

Thank you very much in advance.


  • You're dumping a container into the display. In the absence of a display template it'll just output the raw values separated by semicolons. Set up a display template to format the container contents as required.

  • Ooookay!
    I didn't see in the docs that a display template was mandatory for a container.

    Will try that.
    thanks! :smile:

  • It's only mandatory if you care what it looks like.

  • I'd be happy with the default output, but I still wonder why you decided to output these numbers there - and why in my case of "Title", only 1 value shows up - which is actually from the other entry?

  • It's the literal content of the container.

  • I believe you.
    I still fail to see the pattern:

    The container has 1 dropdown set (called "title type") - and there are 2 entries:
    1) distribution title (sort value 355)
    2) original title (sort value 353)

    The item strings are both is displayed (correctly), but only the sort value 355 next to "original title" (which should be 353):
    Why is it swapped, and where is 353?

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