"unknown" in mandatory date field: Error on future edits

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In case of a mandatory date field, entering the value "unknown" or "undated" allows to continue.
These options are mentioned in the "Date and Time Formats documentation" and it's great to have them!

However, the date field is then displayed empty which leads to two problems in our case:

1) A cataloger now cannot distinguish between a "not-set" and a "declared not-known" anymore.
2) When editing this entry, the mandatory requirement of the "unknown" date field keeps triggering a "must not be empty" error.

Would it be possible to show "unknown" - so (1) would be satisfied, and (2) would resolve itself automatically that way?

Or how is the proper CA way of handling this?

Thank you very much in advance!


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    Try setting showUndated = 1 in datetime.conf. The definition for this option:

    If set to a non-zero value then empty dates will be displayed using the "undated" text for the current language. If not set then an empty string will be returned for empty dates.

  • Thanks for the tip!

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