179RC3 (pawtucket 179rc1) detail info in gallery not displaying

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I have Providence 179RC3 (and rc4) installed with pawtucket 179RC1.
In Pawtucket in a gallery view the detail information for the object is now limitied to the title (preferred_lable) and the label for the related person (Not the data for the related person).
Previously (Providence and Pawtucket versions 1.7.8) I had displayed:
1. Idno
2. Title
3. Description
3. Artists
4. Measurements

All defined in a file named set_item_info_html.php in my themes/mytheme/views/gallery folder

Is the info displayed with a gallery item defined in a different location in the latest version?


  • Can you send me your theme file?

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    Hello Seth,
    I have attached the complete theme folder in a zip file.
    I tried to only include the files (and parts of files) needed in my theme. Hope I succeeded.

    The issue I mentioned also occurs when I use the default theme.
    There are fields in the set_item_info_html.php file that are not displayed. (in the default theme these are: Idno, description and ^ca.entities.preferred_labels.displayname)
    The fields are not empty for the item displayed in the gallery.

  • I did check the theme in my 1.7.8 installation, and it works fine there.

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