Export all metadata from collective access

I am very new to this and do not know much about CollectiveAccess. I apologize for being so new but my boss needs an export of all the metadata in our collective access system in a CSV so we can make bulk changes that can be reuploaded to the system. Can someone please advise on how I can do this and what I need to do to be able to export all of the metadata into a CSV?

Thank you.


  • You can create a display with the fields you need. Keep in mind that exporting fields in related records and repeating fields in a CSV will require "flattening" of data. If you are exporting collection objects and want to include related entities, for example, you'll have to decide how you want to represent those entities in the object rows. If there's minimal data in the related/repeating data items then serializing them into a single column might work. Or you may consider exporting each of the various record types as a separate file with identifiers as references to link rows in one file to rows in another.

  • Seth, Thank you for your advice I think this will work. How would I do a search of all items within the collective access database to be able to export the metadata using the display that I have now created?

  • Search on the wildcard: *

  • I thought I tried that but was getting an error. I will try again. I am getting a new error from running the export now though I believe since this a large export of data. This is running a VM with 6 cores decimated and 24GB of ram. Should I increase the specs of the machine? Or would I need to adjust the config.php

  • Exporting a ton of data in the web UI is going to hit timeouts. How much is there? If it's a ton you can either disable timeouts and hope the connection between browser and server stays up for the duration, or write a script to dump the data.

  • Yes, it's a large amount of data about 26,000 objects. How would I disable the timeouts? Do I need to comment something out?

  • You can try changing max_execution_time to -1 in php.ini and see if that works. If you don't want to change it in php.ini you can also put this line in your setup.php:


    If you're still having problems it might be time to write a script or write an export mapping to be run on the command line. Which one you'd do depends upon the form you need the data in ultimately.

  • Okay, thank you I will try changing the execution time. Since I would even know how to create a script to export the data.

  • It looks like it was already set but for some reason, it is still timing out at 7200 seconds.

  • Then you might want to set it explicitly in setup.php.

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