Trouble with relationships

Hello, I am trying to define a relationship and something is not working well, when I save a Work (Occurrence subentity) I get an error, I guess it is because it does not allow me to select the relationship:

But the relationship is created and it worked fine when it was not bound to the sub-entities:

Or maybe it's an interface configuration problem?

Could you guide me to find the solution? Thanks a lot.


  • Make sure that you have relationship types defined between objects and occurrences (it looks like you do), and that at least one of them is either unrestricted or restricted to the types of objects and occurrences you're trying to relate to one another. Type-based restrictions are set in the relationship type editor (Manage > Administration > Relationship types). I'd suggest looking at each object-occurrence relationship type and check if they're restricted. You may also want to make a default object-occurrence relationship type that's unrestricted, to ensure there's always at least one choice.


  • Hello Seth, thanks for the quick reply.
    There are several relationships defined between "object ⇔ occurrence":
    is format of (isFormatOf)
    is part of (isPartOf)
    is replaced by (isReplacedBy)
    is referenced by (isReferencedBy)
    is required by (isRequiredBy)
    is version of (isVersionOf)
    replace (replaces)
    reference (references)
    relates (relation)
    requires (requires)
    has format (hasFormat)
    has part (hasPart)
    has version (hasVersion)
    Anyway, the relationship I want to establish is between two subtypes of Occurrences ("Obra" and "Expresión").

  • Oh oops sorry. I had incorrectly assumed it was objects and occurrences. You'd need to check the occurrence-occurrence relationship types then.

  • I checked this, there is only one defined relationship "is related to" and it has no type restrictions. The relationship I am trying to establish is a subrelation of this.

  • What do you mean by "sub-relation"?

  • The relationship is defined on a second level (I sent an image above):
    ocurrence-ocurrence relations --> related --> is realized throught

  • The "related" relationship has no type restrictions

  • That all looks good, so I'm not sure what your problem could be.

  • Thanks anyway, I'll keep checking.
    In the occurrence editing interface, may there be something that can cause the problem?
    There I also put the type restrictions, there is some image above ...

  • If you want to send me a login I can take a look at the actual system. My email is

  • I sent you the message with the login, thanks!

  • Hi,

    So the issue is that you've got that relationship bundle restricted only to the sub-relationship type, but not the parent. The type list will display the hierarchy, but will skip anything it's not restricted to (when a restriction is in place). Since it's skipping the parent, it never actually gets to evaluate whether the child should be there or not.

    On your live system, I modified the restriction to include the parent; types now show up. You may elect to keep this change, or maybe restructure your relationship types to ensure that there is a clear path to all of the types you need to include.

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    Yes, it works perfectly now. Thank you very much Seth!

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    Yes, it works perfectly now. Thank you very much Seth!

  • Hello,

    I have defined several types of relationships between Entities and Collections, structured hierarchically. In one of the user interfaces I want to restrict a relation field to one of the relations that is in a third level of the hierarchy. Then I have to select the previous hierarchical levels of the relationship in the field settings.

    But it does not automatically take the value of the third level relation (which is what interests me), but it shows me several possibilities to select. This is the possible behavior? Or is there something else that can be configured to narrow down the options?

    Thank you

  • Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like on screen?

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