read/write permissions problem for caUtils on Windows

thanks for the very nice software ! I managed to set up a configuration and am starting to use it: everything works fine but I have a single annoying problem with caUtils. I am running xampp on Windows 10. I execute php.exe from the bin file and caUtils works fine for exemple to renew the search index but throws out an error when it needs to read or write files in which case it returns errors like "cannot write profile to XXX.xml" (for export-profile) or "could not read profile. Please check file permissions." (for update-installation-profile).
I have been checking all sorts of permissions at Windows, Apache, php levels but I can't I find a cure to this problem. Have you ever heard about this issue ? Any idea as to which permission level this is relative to ?
Thanks !


  • It could be a problem of path to the profiles/xml. Did you define a CA_BASE_DIR to providence inside setup.php ?
    Do you have any inside space the dir names in the path to Providence ?

  • Indeed I had to set this one up


    define("CA_BASE_DIR", "C:/xampp/htdocs/providence_test");

    to get caUtils running at all. So I guess this is not the issue. Thanks all the same.

  • Hi again,
    I checked the configuration a bit more. I can execute read write from a php file like using $myfile = fopen("test_file.txt", "r") or die("Unable to open file!"); style instructions with c:\xampp\htdocs\providence_test\support\bin>c:\xampp\php\php.exe test_read.php so it seems the configuration up to php level is not the issue. I also checked importing mappings with caUtils load-export-mapping and it works, and exporting data with that mapping using export-data works as well. But export-profile and update-installation-profile are still giving out those error messages ! For export I can pipe the output with ">", but I have no alternative for import... Any idea is welcome !

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