Total Newbie to this Using MAMP & Windows 10 - stuck at copying install files

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I realize this may be a silly question, but I am new to all of this. I've been self-teaching as much as possible throughout but at certain points Google doesn't seem to have the answer anymore.

I'm using a MAMP installation, Windows 10 64bit. I got to the point where I created a blank database in MAMP with php myadmin and I downloaded Providence and am at the step where I need to "Copy the contents of the Collective Access software distribution to the root of the web server instance in which your installation will run." From what I can tell, on MAMP this is C:\ MAMP \bin \apache \htdocs
OR C:\ MAMP\ htdocs (I have 2 folders). I downloaded GIT as well but not sure how to use it to help with this.

Also, looking forward to the next step, within the installation file, I have the file named setup.php-dist but I see nothing called setup.php (closest is .travis.setup . php). I take it I need to create this file?

I realized this questions may seem awfully basic. I appreciate any help. Please let me know of any additional info I can provide that would be helpful.


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    You need to copy the files into the web root, or a directory under the web root. The root for MAMP is probably c:\MAMP\htdocs. You might want to try creating a file named "index.html" in c:\MAMP\htdocs with the text <h1>I found my web root</h1> in it. Then use a web browser to view If you see the text you just put in that file in the browser you'll have confirmed that c:\MAMP\htdocs is the right place.

  • Thank you so much for your prompt reply! I ran the test and it worked. I've run the installer and seems I have it up and running now, thanks again!

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