Profile structure - relationship within containers

I am setting up a profile for the management of a print collection/catalogs.
For a given item (say an impression of a print), I would like to refer to existing catalogues raisonnés (one or more) and it would be useful to store in a container three things : the reference to the catalog, the identification number in the catalog and some comments (print states are sometimes an undecided business...). It would make sense to store the catalog references as occurrences so one would ideally store a relationship in the container. I understand that this can be obtained with the pseudo relationship (an attribute) but not with a true relationship. For th etrue relationship, one would have to get the other two in a container, and leave the relationship as stand alone. Am I getting it right ?


  • For a true relationship you would link print to impression via relationship, and store the catalogue number and comment text as fields attached to the relationship itself. We call fields applied to a relationship interstitial, because they are effectively data between two records.

    Any type of metadata element you'd use for a record may be attached to a relationship. However, relationships may not have relationships themselves (ie. no reification is supported) and do not take preferred/nonpreferred labels.

  • Oh, thanks, I think it is indeed very useful to be able to tag data to relationships !
    Following this previous post,
    I could make it work with version 1.7.9. There are two small residual bugs though:
    * an (non lethal) error popup
    * and after the variable is stored, the relationship name has vanished
    see screen copies below.
    As a side comment, for my purpose, I am not sure about how functional the overlay is. Having the variable in another box next to the relationship would be more adequate, I guess. That way the value would be displayed when reviewing the panel after entering the data. Is there a way to add some sort of display for this variable ?

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    Oops on the alert. I've just removed that.

  • Oh, OK ! Incidentally, I can't load images (media type in metadata from user interface) under 1.7.9 while it works under 1.7.8. I have the two configurations set up now side by side in htdocs, with the (hopefully) same configuration files. After selecting the image file then clicking Save, I get a blank screen and the application stalls. Pressing the back button restores the page with a "CSRF token is not valid" banner and the image has not been processed. Am I missing something ?

  • Load images how? Into a metadata element of type "media"?

  • Yes : direct loading of an image in the UI in a metadata element of type "media".

  • I just pushed fixes for the blank relationship types bundles. This had been fixed in the 1.8 branch a while back, but didn't get into 1.7.x.

  • Media elements work fine for me in 1.7.9. What sorts of files are you uploading? What format, and what size (in mb)?

  • Good. Where/how can I get them ? I just downloaded 1.7.9 from here:
    Is it the same repository ?

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    • for the media elements : very small (kbytes), jpg. I can load them in 1.7.8. I can't get batch media import to run in 1.7.9 either, while it works in 1.7.8. I'm using xampp and Windows 10.
    • I guess the fixes for the relationship data overlay are to be found here:
  • Yes, they're in master. I'll roll another release shortly though.

  • What media processing back-end are you using? Gmagick? Imagick? GD?

  • I'm using GD. I also just set up ImageMagick but it did not solve the issue.

  • What happens when you run batch media? It just hangs?

    I'm running tests on Macs and a few flavors of Linux. Testing on Windows is much less frequent.

  • ..also what version of XAMPP are you running?

    • batch media : it starts the batch and hangs on the first image. The first image is not processed. See screenshot below
    • configuration:
      08:20:21 [main] Windows Version: Enterprise 64-bit
      08:20:21 [main] XAMPP Version: 7.3.0
      08:20:21 [main] Control Panel Version: 3.2.2 [ Compiled: Nov 12th 2015 ]
      08:20:21 [main] You are not running with administrator rights!

  • And nothing in the error logs? Is display_errors turned on in php.ini?

  • Turning it on, I get this:
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'getid3' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\lib\Plugins\Media\Audio.php:189 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\lib\Media.php(190): WLPlugMediaAudio->divineFileFormat('C:/xampp/tmp/ph...') #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\lib\BaseModel.php(4398): Media->divineFileFormat('C:/xampp/tmp/ph...') #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\lib\BaseModel.php(3150): BaseModel->_processMedia('value_blob', Array) #3 C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\models\ca_attribute_values.php(396): BaseModel->update() #4 C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\models\ca_attributes.php(392): ca_attribute_values->editValue(Array, Array) #5 C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\lib\BaseModelWithAttributes.php(259): ca_attributes->editAttribute(Array, Array) #6 C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\lib\BaseModelWithAttributes.php(426): BaseModelWithAttributes->_editAttribute('7122', Array, Object(Transaction), Array) #7 C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\lib\BaseModelWithAttribu in C:\xampp\htdocs\providence_1_7_9\app\lib\Plugins\Media\Audio.php on line 189

  • Ok that's probably the issue. It's already solved in the git code. I'm going to put out another RC today that will include that + the other fixed. If you don't mind spending the time, please give that one a try and let me know. We can get this done before the end of the year :-)


  • I'm installing Windows and XAMPP now and will try to reproduce. Maybe we can save a testing cycle for you...

  • It's no problem doing the testing. Just let me know what I should do with the level of detail adequate for my IT level... :)

  • Hi,
    from my first verifications for 1.7.9rc5:
    * the interstitial data in relationships is now working fine
    * direct image import in metadata type media is also working fine. The image is imported. Somehow, however, the thumbnail is no longer showing in the container (see screenshot below left view- right view is from 1.7.8). I can't find the thumbnail in the image folder so matbe it is not created. I cursorily tested batch media import which seems to work as well.

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    1.7.9 is not detecting the format of the JPEG (notice the type is "BinaryFile" in 1.7.9 rather than JPEG). This implies that 1.7.9 is not seeing the image processing back-end in the same way 1.7.8 is. I don't have this problem on any of my test machines, including a new XAMPP/Windows 10 install using the GD media processing back-end.

    Can you try uploading the attached JPEG? This is the one I used on my XAMPP install. Just to make sure the problem isn't the JPEG you're using (unlikely as that is).

    Also, can you send me the contents of your configuration check screen (Manage > Administration > Configuration Check)?


  • Initially I found the same behaviour on 1.7.9r5 with your jpeg (downsized to 1Mb - I have a 2Mb limit somewhere). But... if I remove ImageMagick and fall back on GD, it works... Thanks !

    My configuration (before removing ImageMagick):
    Version information
    Component Version
    Application version 1.7.9
    Schema revision 158
    Release type RELEASE
    System GUID 5801696b-e6d2-4b3a-b04e-a5c70c57ec31
    Last change log ID 2407
    Search Engine: SQL Search
    Setting Description Status
    MySQL is back-end database The SqlSearch search engine requires that MySQL be the back-end database for your CollectiveAccess installation. ok
    SqlSearch database tables exist The SqlSearch search engine requires that certain tables be present in your database. They are installed by default and should be present, but if they are not SqlSearch will not be able to operate. ok
    General configuration issues
    It looks like the PHP configuration variables "post_max_size" and "upload_max_filesize" are set to different values. Note that the lowest of both values limits the size of the files you can upload to CollectiveAccess. Your values: upload_max_filesize=2M and post_max_size=8M.
    It looks like at least one of the PHP configuration variables "post_max_size" and "upload_max_filesize" is set to a very low value. Note that the lowest of both values limits the size of the files you can upload to CollectiveAccess. We recommend values greater than "5M" but in general you should set them to values greater than the largest file you will upload to CollectiveAccess. Your values: upload_max_filesize=2M and post_max_size=8M.
    Media Processing Plugins
    Plugin Info Status
    Audio Provides audio processing and conversion using ffmpeg
    Incoming audio files will not be transcoded because ffmpeg is not installed.
    GD Provides limited image processing and conversion services using libGD
    Didn't load because ImageMagick (command-line) is available and preferred
    Not used
    Gmagick Provides image processing and conversion services using ImageMagick via the PECL Gmagick PHP extension
    Didn't load because Gmagick is not available
    RAW image support is not enabled because DCRAW cannot be found
    Not available
    GraphicsMagick Provides image processing and conversion services using GraphicsMagick via exec() calls
    Didn't load because GraphicsMagick executables cannot be found
    Not available
    ImageMagick Provides image processing and conversion services using ImageMagick via exec() calls to ImageMagick binaries Available
    Imagick Provides image processing and conversion services using ImageMagick via the PECL Imagick PHP extension
    Didn't load because Imagick is not available
    RAW image support is not enabled because DCRAW cannot be found
    Not available
    Mesh Accepts files describing 3D models Available
    Office Accepts and processes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint format documents
    LibreOffice cannot be found: conversion to PDF and generation of page previews will not be performed; you can obtain LibreOffice at
    PDFWand Provides PDF conversion services using ImageMagick or the Zend_PDF library. Will use Ghostscript to generate image-previews of PDF files.
    Ghostscript cannot be found: image previews will not be created
    PDFToText cannot be found: indexing of text in PDF files will not be performed; you can obtain PDFToText at
    PDFMiner cannot be found: indexing of text locations in PDF files will not be performed; you can obtain PDFMiner at
    QuicktimeVR Provides services for processing of QuicktimeVR files
    Didn't load because ffmpeg is not installed
    Not available
    Spin360 Accepts ZIP archives containing 360 spinnable images in SpinCar format ( Available
    Video Provides ffmpeg-based video processing
    Incoming video files will not be transcoded because ffmpeg is not installed.
    XMLDoc Accepts and processes XML-format documents Available
    BinaryFile Accepts any file unrecognized by other media plugins and stores it as-is Not available
    PDF Rendering Plugins
    Plugin Info Status
    PhantomJS Renders HTML as PDF using PhantomJS Not available
    domPDF Renders HTML as PDF using domPDF Available
    wkhtmltopdf Renders HTML as PDF using wkhtmltopdf Not available
    Barcode generation
    Component Info Status
    GD GD is a graphics processing library required for all barcode generation. Available
    Application Plugins
    Plugin Info Status
    ULAN Imports artist records from ULAN Available
    WorldCat Imports bibliographic information from WorldCat Available
    duplicateMenu Adds a "duplicate" menu listing all recently duplicated items and providing an easy way to create additional duplicates. Available
    historyMenu Adds a "history" menu listing all recently edited items Available
    relationshipGenerator Automatically assigns an object to a collection, based upon rules you specify in the configuration file associated with the plugin Available

  • Ah ok you're running ImageMagick... let me try that.

  • I have been using GD but installed ImageMagick to check if it solved the stall issue during image loading... I have just checked : the problem is the same (thumbnail does not show up) with ImageMagick under 1.7.8. I can stay with GD, no problem.

  • Ok great. I'm going to look into the imagemagick issue further but it may well be that it's a path issue. I'm going to roll up the 1.7.9 release now. It's still 2020 here in New York, so I can stay on schedule if I act quickly :-)

    Thank you for all of your help.

  • Thanks and have a nice New Year's Eve !

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