Display objects on children

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I'm running CA 1.7.8

and using direct object-location storage tracking.  

I've tried a lot of things and can't get this to work. Ready to ask for help because I suspect the answer is simple and I just have not imagined it yet.  

I have hierarchical storage locations: room:unit:shelf. I know how, in the storage location editor UI, to add and configure a bundle to display objects assigned (related) to exactly that storage location, ex. shelf. I want to create a bundle that will show all of the objects related to all of the children of a room or unit.  

I've tried writing various display templates involving "relatedTo=", ".hierarchy.", ".children." etc. and using these within the Storage Locations Related Objects Bundle Specifier. None of them give a usable display of the children. Most still return only those objects directly related but with no fields displayed, just empty bubbles.  

Can someone point me in the right direction. In short, when I'm looking at unit, I want to see all of the objects assigned to the shelves.

Thanks! -CM, Berea College, Kentucky


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