Database out of date error

After downloading both the current releases of Providence and Pawtucket, I still get this when trying to use the Pawtucket website:

An error in your system configuration has been detected

General installation instructions can be found here. For more specific hints on the existing issues please have a look at the messages below.

Your database is out-of-date. Please install all schema migrations starting with migration #159. See for migration instructions.

I saw the instructions on the page saying this error results from incompatible versions of the two script sets, so I replaced all the files with the latest release. Anyone know what I am missing?

Many thanks,



  • It sounds like you're running the develop branch code? Version 1.7.9 Providence and Pawtucket require migration 158.

  • Sadly, I don't know what that means. I downloaded the one zip file available and extracted the files. I didn't know there were distinctions between versions of 1.7.9. This is my first venture into open source.

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    There aren't distinctions. But the release versions you downloaded should not be asking for migrations past 158. Only the develop branch code (not a release) wants 159 and beyond. Which files did you download?

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